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Moto Guzzi

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Moto Guzzi


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  1. MOTO GUZZI V700/750/800/850

    Exh.Damper 42mm L/H Orig. chrome New
  2. Clamb fr.fork on the dustseals Hon/Yam/Kaw/Suz/Ceriani etc. new

    Clamb frontfork on the dustseals Hon/Yam/Kaw/Suz/Ceriani/Marzocchi etc.etc.etc.>> new<< size: 50 x 12 mm
  3. Clambs Fr.fork on the dustseals Yam./Suz/Hon/Kaw/Ceriani forks etc.etc

    Clambs, frontfork on the dustseals Honda/Yamaha/kawasaki/Suzuki/Ceriani/Marzocchi etc etc >>>size: 60 x 12 mm <<<
  4. Handlebar assy Moto Guzzi V7 Sport / Lemans '68 up as new

    Handlebar assy Moto Guzzi V7 Sport / Lemans '68 up for 35mm forktube >>>used but in perfect conditinon<<<
  5. Moto Guzzi V50 new bagage rek + zij rek chroom

    Bagage rek + zij rek assy in chroom Moto Guzzi V50 >>>NOS<<< Compleet met alle bevestiging beugels/bouten etc.etc
  6. 240-23490-00 / 240-23491-00 Steering damper univers.

    Steering damper universal can use for many Sport & Racing bikes Yamaha/Kawasaki/Suzuki/Honda/Aprilia/KTM/kreidler etc.etc. Quality damper,more than 8 staps super light >>>340 gram<<<
  7. 14.0235.50 new

    Cover, head Moto Guzzi 750/850 Lemans etc '70 up new
  8. Rearlight/winker assy new

    Rearlight/winker assy nice to fitt on your project Motobike: Sport / Touring / Quad / Scooter or Moped etc.etc. (Ready to fitt on Jinlum JL50QT-5C Starquad scooter)
  9. Lever/holder set English style 22mm

    Lever/holder, assy full chrome English style Norton/Triumph/BSA /Ariël etc.etc.L.H.clutch & R.H. drumbrake (22mm) >>>NEW<<<
  10. Tomaselli lever sets(Matador)

    Holder/Lever,assy model Tomaselli (Matador) L.H clutch & R.H.drumbr.22mm >>NEW<<<
  11. Moto Guzzi Cover

    Cover, frame black compl.with emblem Moto Guzzi V65C (Guzzi new price €95, 00)
  12. Clamb frontfork on the dustseal Hon/Yam/Kaw/Suz/|Ceriani

    Clamb frontfork on the dustseal Hon/Yam/Kaw/Suz/Marzocchi/Ceriani >>size: 58 x 12 mm
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12 Item(s)