Theo Louwes Motors - A household in racing 2-stroke bikes

Theo Louwes, with 55 years of experience in the business, we are happy to serve our customers with good knowledge and support, especially for Japanese models motorcycles.

Everyday full of energy to work with motorbikes and deliver our customers wishes.
For us it never feels like hard work, passion drives us through the years and keeps us going strong.

More than 5000 different parts for two-stroke racing bikesMX motocross, moped parts and classic racers from 1968 to 2000. We can provide you with a huge invent Yamaha 2-stroke race parts, we offer in both new original and copy as original parts race bikes, Yamaha TZ250 partsYamaha TD2 parts, Yamaha TR2 parts, Yamaha TR3 parts, Yamaha TD3 parts and Yamaha TZ350 parts. In addition, the Suzuki RG500 parts, models 1 to 6 are very scarce. We also have the Suzuki RGB500 parts in stock and a scarce selection of Suzuki XR45 parts. Because of the many racing in the 60s - 70s and after the comeback year 1983 we have a large stock of racing parts. In the following years we have focused on re-production parts and replacement models for the Yamaha 2-stroke race & Suzuki 2-stroke race. Even if we do not have stock of a particular part, you can write to us. Because of our international customer base in the racing industry, we can search parts for you.

In addition, we offer classic motorcycle parts for Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi and BMW, specialist in oldtimer and classic motorcycles.

Very difficult to find Franco Morini parts such as Franco Morini T4 parts, Franco Morini S5 parts, Franco Morini K5 parts, Franco Morini 4V parts. We also have a wide range of Motori Minarelli parts such as Motori Minarelli 80cc parts, Motori Minarelli 125cc, Minarelli P3 50cc, Minarelli P4 50cc, Minarelli P6 50cc and the variant P6 Corsa Corta Minarelli race partsMinarelli G1 50cc and Minarelli W3 50cc.

Parts in our webshop are described as new, replica, new old stock or used.
If you have questions about a part in our webshop, please contact us via the contact Theo Louwes.

Our services

Our main business is motorcycle parts shop. But our experience is 2-stroke racing. It is not rare for us to maintain racebikes on request, restoration and repair. Do you have a difficult case with your cylinder, need a bigger bore? We can fix the problems. Having all equipment ready to fix all motorbike problems.
Our second speciality is creating new discontinued original parts by manufacture. Check our department copy as original parts. We have produced several replacements hand-made and tested 100% as original. Engines, carburators, crankshafts, motorcycle covers, shafts and also complete wheels, there is no limit. We have had reviews from satisfied customers from all over the world. Hard to find new and unused products are not supplied anymore by Japanese manufacturer, we give the opportunity to continue race industry with made as new parts.