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Terms and conditions

Article 1 General

1.             By ordering through our Webshop, by email, or otherwise you acknowledge that you agree with the general conditions of purchase. All amounts are in Euro including VAT (21%)

2.             These terms are applicable to all the articles and all agreements and services agreements with you (customer).

3.             All goods remain the property of Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F. until full payment has been transferred.

4.             Only complete order forms can be processed. You must enter a valid address, email address and phone number on the order form. When in doubt about the accuracy of the data are supplied by the customer, we have the right to take out of the treatment order, or to report to the ISP in the event of abuse or fraud.

5.             Delivery of items will be held subject to availability.

6.             Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F. has the right to change its general terms at all time.

7.             Nothing on our website should be used by third parties without prior consent from Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F. All rights of this site, including logo, texts and all images are copyrighted by Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F.


Article 2 Order

1.             Orders can be placed through our Webshop, e-mail or direct contact for example phone order.

2.             There is no minimum order amount.

3.             Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F has the right to not proceed/carry out orders without giving any reasons or any conditions such as advance payment or cash on delivery.

4.             The agreement is concluded at the time Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F took your order processed.

5.             For misunderstanding, delays or improper transmission of order data and messages resulting from the use of Internet is Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F not liable unless the extent there might be intent or gross negligence by Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F


Article 3 Delivery

1.             All Deliveries by Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F are shipped by Post NL or DPD.

2.             Because Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F outsources its deliveries to Post NL or DPD we can not accept any legal responsibility for the integrity of the delivery method of the products ordered by the carrier.

3.             You will receive an email with Track and Trace when the order processed by us and has been sent.

4.             From the moment order is paid, it will take before the order is sent in the line up to 7 days. If products are not in stock the order may take longer. If orders take longer, we will let you know.

6.             Before you order, please make sure, that the parts we offered are correct for your motorcycle. If you need more information, please let us know. we are not responsible, for wrong ordered parts.

5.             If delivery of an item for any reason do not appear to be possible, Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F, delivery in consultation with you, both a comparable product in terms of price and quality, cash in return or to deliver as back order.

6.             Despite all the care we take in orders, it may happen that an order is not delivered or incomplete. In that case you can use 14 days return after your order with us, reporting and the provision is supplemented at our expense or redone.

7.             All reported delivery times are indicative only and may not lead to any right or liability.

8.             If Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F can not deliver in the short term or that the delivery will take much longer than 30 days, we will immediately notify you and work with you to find solution.

9.             If you return an order, refuse or do not pick up at the post office, we will contact you to find out the reason. If no response is given, future orders from your side will no longer be considered by Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F

10.           If an order for any reason whatsoever at your own request must be sent to you once again, the standard shipping will have to be re-charged. These costs shall be remitted to advance into the account of Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F


Article 4 Payment

1.             By the total amount prior to transfer via bank transfer, internet banking, payment IDEAL, Credit Card, Paypal. For customers from abroad we several Instant-banking payment methods.         

2.             Following payment methods are allowed on our webshop and our partner who provides our transactions Mollie:

Creditcard (Payment Fee: 0%)

Bancontact/Mister Cash (Payment Fee: 0%)

SOFORT Banking (Payment Fee: 0%)

Belfius Direct Net (Payment Fee: 0%)

PayPal (Payment Fee: 0%)

3.             The order must be paid within 7 days. Please note: all bank charges have to be paid by you- we have to receive the TOTAL amount, on our bank account. If you do not meet this requirement, you will receive a reminder email from Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F. For all non EU countries, all import duties, custom fees, charges, costs for customs clearance have to be paid by the buyer.

4.             Orders are not previously sent if the payment has been credited to the account of Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F

5.             Always specify the order number with your transfer you automatically receive when ordering on our Webshop

6.             Payments can be transferred to:

                Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F


                From abroad:

                IBAN: NL48INGB0001338241

                BIC: INGBNL2A

                Always quote your order number

7.             If you do not pay reserves Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F the right to the agreement to dissolve and not to enter into further agreements with you.


Article 5 Prices

1.             Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F is entitled to adjust the interim rates.

2.             As long as the agreement has not been reached Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F entitled to modify the prices and other terms mentioned on the website.

3.             All prices are including costs of packing and VAT, and excluding costs of shipping and optional insurance for the shipment.

4.             Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F is also after the conclusion of the agreement authorized changes in the rate of taxation (VAT) to you to pass. Price increases are passed on to you in good agreement, you have all rights to terminate the agreement if you do not agree with the price increase.


Article 6 Shipping

1.             Paypal Address connected to Paypal Payment should be the Shipping Address. We can only ship to the address, which is stated on Paypal Payment. If you would like to have different shipping address, you have to change the address on your Paypal account.


Article 7 Guarantee

1.             Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F guarantees the quality of the delivered items, the warranty period equals the warranty period of the manufacturer of the product you purchased, after delivery under the conditions laid down under Article 8.

2.             Entitlement to the guarantee can only be made within 7 days after receiving. After discovery of the defect, you need to write Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F an e-mail with description of the defect.

3.             Where is fulfilled in 7.2 conditions, repair or replace of products, Theo Louwes Motors VOF is out of clearance of any costs due the product or reimburse the purchase price or any part there of (at the discretion of Theo Louwes Motors VOF)

4.             The guarantee does not apply if you made changes to the product; there are defects caused by incorrect or improper use, such as failure to observe any related instructions; the defect is caused by intent or gross negligence; Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F (in time) is given the opportunity to investigate the complaint and possible repair the defect.


Article 8 Product Use

1.             Due to the nature of some materials applies to all use as known unless otherwise stated in the manufacture instructions. Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F recommends use products as stated on official manufacture instructions


Article 9 Liability

1.             The liability of Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F regarding the sale and delivery of products is expressly limited to the scope of Article 7 regular warranty.

2.             Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F is not responsible for the technical information provided by suppliers or manufacturers.

3.             For all other cases, the liability of Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F is limited to the amount of purchase as shown on the invoice.

4.             Links to other sites; Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F. is not responsible for the content of websites with which a link from our site. Such connections to other external information is presented for illustrative purposes of information and no position as to the contents of its existence. However, if you fix technical problems or concerns with the content of those sites, you can report that and we will take action to modify or delete those links.


Article 10 Complaints, exchange and refund

1.             By buying the Law on distance legally entitled to, within 14 days after making your order to cancel it now. This can be done by means an e-mail to stating your name and order number and any changes.

2.             If you do not respond within this period of 14 days after receiving, considered the goods are accepted by you without any objection.

3.             Special order items (items that are not standard are in our Webshop) are not reversed.

4.             When the ordered products do not meet your expectations, then you can exchange the products in consultation and at our discretion or may be granted a refund there.

5.             If you ordered the wrong product in some cases it will not be possible to exchange. Before you order, please make sure, that the parts we offered are correct for your motorcycle. If you need more information, please let us know. We are not responsible, for wrong ordered parts.

6.             If the product en route at the time of cancellation / change, replace the product only / money will be refunded when the item within 14 days, complete with original packaging, unused and sufficient postage are returned to Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F

To qualify for the exchange of the product or a refund, you must meet the following conditions:

7a.           You must notify us within 14 days to inform your complaint, your request to exchange or your request for a refund. This must be done by e-mail.

7b.           The article must within 14 days after consultations with Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F. to be in possession of Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F. You should read the article with sufficient postage to send back to Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F We recommend this to keep a record of your shipment.

8a.           Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F is not responsible for theft or damage during the return. Never send the product back until you have had consultations with Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F. We will give you instructions on how to return.

8b.           The product must be returned in their original packaging, unused, not damaged and any attached tags.

8c.           If you want to exchange purchased or ordered items for another article, we will charge you any additional cost of the article. This amount has to paid by the customer in advance to the account of Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F

8d.           Claims for refunds will be paid the purchase price within 30 days, return to your bank or checking account if you meet the above conditions.

9              Products from the offer are not normally traded, ask before you order a product or this also applies to your product.


Article 11 Retention of title

1.             Delivered goods remain the property of Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F until you all your (payment) has fulfilled obligations. This applies to all obligations which the law allows making a reservation of ownership.

2.             Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F is irrevocably authorized, without notice requires the items owned by Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F remain with you (to) get out and sell.


Article 12 Communication

For misunderstanding, delays or not (properly) transmission of order data and messages resulting from the use of internet or other communication between you and or between Theo Louwes Motors BV and others, this unless there is a case of proven intent and / or gross negligence from Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F.


Article 13 Governing law and jurisdiction

All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these conditions apply, including these conditions, only Dutch law.


Article 14 Privacy Qualification Statement

1.             Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F considers it important that the information you provide will be treated carefully and confidentially. Theo Louwes Motors V.O.F will not pass on the personal data provided to other parties, with the exception of third parties engaged in the execution of your order. For more, read our privacy policy which is GDPR proof

2.             When placing an order, we need your name and delivery address to execute the order. We will keep your details save and only for your and our own good.


Article 15 Amendments to terms and conditions

1.             Applicable is the latest version, the version valid at the time of conclusion of the agreement.

2.             Grammatical mistakes, spelling errors do not affect the above rules