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From Motorcycles wide range of Sport, Touring, Off-Road to Classics, 2-Stroke Racing bikes and Scooter, Quads
Very large stock of parts, especially Japanese models from 1968 and later years. Every day we add new spares online, used or brand new, replica or replaced. Working on your 

MX Motocross Parts
From Honda CR80 to Yamaha YZ125 and the other side of Suzuki RM250 up to Kawasaki KX80 parts starting mostly from year 1977 up to 1987. All our inventory in the Motocross parts categorie 95% original parts from the four Japanese Brands, giving you presences of new old stock items in their original colours and shaped materials, giving the right experience from the years late 70's up to the beginning of 1980 continueing untill 1987. Pas 1990 we have some other body and rolling parts, but not to much. Some parts are universal and fitt many years, even from the brand. Check your service maintenance manual for correct number.

Roadracing Parts

Yamaha 2-stroke, which we have driven and we maintained the bikes ourselves in the pitbox. We have a huge stock parts new original yamaha parts such as cylinder, gearbox, TZ250 chassis, crankshafts new and rebuilt. We always follow the Yamaha partsbook as a service manual to find the right product for our inventory. Bikes such as the lighter bike AS1-AS3 we have not driven ourselves, but still. During the years many traders came by, and we trade new parts to each other. We build for each brand and model our own stock. We can ensure you that most of our Yamaha racing bikes for sale are also build-up with original equipment. Start to drive the Yamaha TR2 myself in 1969 and our shop did import of the 2-strokes Yamaha to our local shop. That also gives us the knowledge of resotring the air cooled 2-stroke bikes TD2/TD3 and TR2/TR3. Sold and prepaired many TZ250 and TZ350's racingbikes in the '70s. After deciding to quit racing in 1976, we took all our racing experience to the local market and still using the handwritten book with right way to maintain the bikes. Reproduction and shop racingparts copy as original is the way to keep up invent and bring the pleasure back to the bikes of now adays, to keep them on track. 

The GP winning motorbikes from Suzuki, RG500 and RGB500. From the 1970 up to the late 1988 we had import with Suzuki factory Japan and made our comeback on the RG500 2-stroke racing bike in 1983. Our stock is unique, wide and many original and replica parts in stock. With the knowledge of the earlier years racing, we have re-produced a range of engine, yoke top sets for RGB500 and many other parts. As original, with 100% satisfaction about the quality we guarantee much pleassure to your racing experience on these Suzuki's. RG500 we have sorted the 1/2/3/4/5/6 models and XR45 factory engine also splitted. The 500c four cylinder monsters from these years are well famous for the sound and trustable setup. We are happy to help you out with buying Suzuki RG racing parts. If you have a special offer, want to renovate your bike? Please contact us.

Minarelli & Morini Parts

Once in the 1970's, we imported Minarelli and Morini 50cc motorbikes and all there parts thereof. The factory of these Italian manufacturers stopped producing these parts and there was enough availability in the world. Most mopeds driven on these Minarelli engines. Nowadays, the real factory parts are hard to find. We listed our old stock a while ago and happy to serve a wide market with these special vintage moped parts. Also used for minicross.


Moped parts

Before it was legal to drive a moped if you became on a certain age, the goverments in Europe allowed this and some countries still do. To drive a moped 50cc in the Netherlands, rules are more restricted. But still, people who have driven the early Honda MT5 and MB's, will always have their facination and memories to their childhood. Our stock offers Honda MT5 parts for sale in a wide range. Replica parts from distributors worldwide in our scooter and moped store Groningen where you can visit our warehouse. Find the locations here in our contact page.