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Racing bikes


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  1. Suzuki RGB500 race engine rebuild

    My own Suzuki RGB500 engine driven three years and have prepared in winter '88 / '89 an engine for the next season racing. 1989 was my last race season and thought I would once again build a super exclusive racer. In the winter '88 -'89 I bought two engines (one for spare) Former world champion Franco Uncini Italy (Suzuki Galina engine XR45) Engine is in excellent condition over the years, in the showroom. Compl.with exh.pipes/ignition/coil, but without carburetors and Ignition box. Price on request
  2. Yamaha TR2B road racing bike

    Yamaha racing bike type TR2B Original Bike Original Wheels Original engine/mudgards etc Chassis number 900530 With new fairing Engine O.K. with Carb's end original points ignition Less original fuel tank (We have copy in stock) Less original exhaust pipes (We have new copy perfect condition in stock) Price on request
  3. Yamaha TZ250D road racing bike

    Perfect original racer Complete except bottom fairing All parts original except the temp. meter (imitation) Frame nr: 430-994234 Ready to ride Price on request
  4. Yamaha TZ250C road racing bike

    Original complete racing bike Complete with new fairing Less fuel tank Frame nr: 383-994203 Ready to race Price on request
  5. Yamaha TZ350F/G complete road racing bike

    Original racing bike watercooled TZ350F/G '78 '79 model only less fairing(poss.copy) with pipes(only you have to work on the end dampers to make orig.) Whit revc.& chassis nr: 383-997273 Price on request
  6. Yamaha TZ350F/G

    Original racing bike Complete bike (engine etc) with original exhaust pipes Less Fairing(posible copy) Les fuel tank Less seat, (possible copy) Frame nr: 383-997140 Nice project to work on Price on request
  7. Yamaha TZ350F/G '78 '79 road racing bike

    Racing bike TZ350F/G '78 '79 engine/chassis in orig.conditions less revcounter/exhaust/fairing.With orig.fueltank (but needs work to fitt petrol cap assy but includit the cap assy. chassis nr: 383-997146 Needs a little bit work before race (hobby) We have the new fairings in stock Price on request
  8. Yamaha TA125 road racing bike

    Complete racing bike With all original parts Frame nr: 400-990479 Front fork Marzochi and front mudgard made for this front fork Very nice bike for restoration Price on request
  9. Norton Manx 30/40 racing fueltank 3 gallon aloy >>In excell.cond.<<<

    Norton Manx 30/40 racing fueltank 3 gallon aloy >>in excellent conditions<<< no dents it all. >>How is it poss.years '50 to the '70's<<
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9 Item(s)